Explained: Who is Prince Hamzah, why is he under ‘house arrest’?

Explained: Who is Hamzah, why is he under ‘house arrest’?
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Hamzah bin Al Hussein, the former crown prince of Jordan and half-brother of ruling monarch Abdullah, is under house arrest, according to a video shared by his lawyer with the BBC.

His house arrest comes as a part of the government’s crackdown on its critics. Apart from the former crown prince’s arrest, many high-profile people have also been arrested on April 3, 2021.

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Prince Hamzah bin Al Hussein

Abdullah is the son of the second wife of late King Hussein, and Hamzah is the son of the same father’s fourth wife. British-born Princess Muna is the mother of Abdullah and American-born Noor is the mother of Hamzah.

And when the former king died in 1999, Hamzah was declared as the next crown prince of Jordan. However, Abdullah enthroned himself because Hamzah was too young at that time. Abdullah took back the crown prince title from Hamza in 2004 and gave it to his son.

Reasons behind Hamzah’s house arrest

Hamzah’s house arrest came as a result of his meeting with tribal leaders of Jordan. He is believed to have gained the support of tribal leaders in this meeting, the BBC reported it as the widely-believed reason behind the arrest of the former crown prince.

“I am not the person responsible for the breakdown in governance, for the corruption, and for the incompetence that has been prevalent in our governing structure for the last 15 to 20 years, and has been getting worse by the year,” Hamzah said, denying any wrongdoing.

“[Jordanians’] wellbeing has been put second by a ruling system that has decided that its personal interests, financial interests, that its corruption is more important than the lives and dignity and future of the 10 million people who live here,” he said.
“The internet and phone lines have been cut… This may be the last time I am able to communicate,” the royal said.

Jordan’s Allies

Many countries including the US, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt have supported king, Abdullah.

“We are closely following the reports and are in touch with Jordanian officials. King Abdullah is a key partner of the United States, and he has our full support,” Ned Price, US State Department spokesman, said.

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