Extreme weather in China kills 21 runners in ultramarathon

Extreme weather in China kills 21 runners in ultramarathon

Twenty runners died due to extreme weather conditions they faced while participating in a 100-kilometer cross country mountain race in China, according to the state media report published on May 23, 2021.

According to the state broadcaster CCTV, the rescue team also found one missing runner at around 9:30 am. But, according to the local rescue command officials, he had already lost all signs of life.

“This suggests that this incident caused 21 deaths in total,” CCTV said. Earlier, 20 deaths and one missing were confirmed by the city officials at a briefing.

A high-altitude section of the race that took place in the Yellow River Stone Forest near Baiyin City in northwestern Gansu province was hit by the extreme weather, city officials said.

Zhang Xuchen, Mayor of Baiyin city, said a section of the ultramarathon course was suddenly affected by extreme weather conditions.

“In a short period of time, hailstones and ice rain suddenly fell in the local area, and there were strong winds. The temperature sharply dropped,” Zhang said.

The organisers dispatched a rescue team minutes after receiving messages of help from some of the 172 participants.

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