Fauci recommends India to go for a nationwide lockdown among others

Fauci recommends India to go for a nationwide lockdown, makeshift hospitals
Anthony Fauci YouTube grab

The top public health expert of the US Dr Anthony Fauci Monday recommended India to go for a nationwide lockdown, massive vaccination drive and the construction of a large number of makeshift hospitals.

Mr Fauci has expressed deep concern over the surging coronavirus cases in India.

Dr Fauci is one of the world’s top infectious disease specialists. He is
White House Chief Medical Adviser.

Dr Fauci outline the importance of learning from other countries. Other nations that also went for a lockdown have shown results.

As lockdown interferes with the dynamics of the viral outbreak. He also recommends taking the help of the armed forces to immediately build makeshift field hospitals.

He asserted that the world can help by supplying India with essentials.

The COVID-19 vaccination drive for the age group of 18-45 began Monday. In Delhi, around 90 lakh people are eligible for the jabs under this category.

Moreover, five vaccination booths each are in place at 77 schools for the same. In order to accommodate a large number of beneficiaries, the government has set up the vaccination centres at schools.

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