FBI declassified document on 9/11 attack points towards Saudi involvement?

FBI declassified document on 9/11 attack points towards Saudi involvement?
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The FBI on the 9/11 anniversary released a freshly declassified document pertaining to logistical support provided to two of the Saudi hijackers.

The 16-page document describes the contacts the hijackers had with Saudi associates in the US. But at the same time offers no substantial evidence to show or prove the Saudi government’s involvement in the terror attacks.

The document is the first investigative record to be disclosed since President Joe Biden‘s order.

POTUS had ordered a declassification review of materials that have remained out of public view.

This comes after the 9/11 victims’ families mounted pressure on Biden to declassify the records.

Moreover, the Saudi government has always denied any kind of involvement in the terror attacks.

Saudi involvement in 9/11 attacks?

The Saudi embassy in Washington said Wednesday that it supported the full declassification of all records as a way to ‘end the baseless allegations against the kingdom once and for all’. The embassy said that any allegation that Saudi Arabia was complicit was ‘categorically false’.

The record released on Saturday describes a 2015 interview with a person applying for US citizenship and years earlier had repeated contacts with Saudi nationals who investigators emphasize provided ‘significant logistical support’ to several of the hijackers.

These documents come out in the public purview at a politically fragile time for the US and Saudi Arabia.

When it comes to 9/11 terror attacks, there has been speculation of official involvement since the beginning.

Soon after the attacks, it was revealed that 15 of the 19 attackers were Saudis. Osama bin Laden was also from a prominent family in the kingdom.

However, the 9/11 commission report found ‘no evidence’ of Saudi government’s involvement.

But the commission also notes ‘the likelihood’ that Saudi government-sponsored charities did.

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