International Labour Day: Here’s why we mark it on May 1

International Labour Day: Here's why we celebrate it on May 1
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Today is International Labour Day. This day is also known as May Day. It marks all the labourers and workers across the world.

May Day encourages all the workers to be aware of their rights. In many countries, it is a public holiday.

The International Labour Organization (ILO) is the body associated with workers’ rights and issues.

It is a UNO agency that works towards setting international labour standards. Hence, labour day is committed to the same.

It also looks after the safety and health conditions at Work across the globe. ILO makes sure whether the countries have sound and resilient occupational safety and health systems.

It aims at minimizing the risks in terms of future health emergencies.

History and Significance of International Labour Day

Labour Day is the day that honours the hard work of people across the globe. It also celebrates their achievements.

The Day has its origins in a 19th-century labour union movement of the United States. In the US and Canada, however, Labour Day is celebrated on the first Monday in September.

Worldwide there are few days that mark the importance of people and their rights. Mayday is one such day.

Different countries have different laws though. But the broader spectrum of rights remain the same everywhere.

It was first in 1889 when a body of socialist groups and trade unions, in the US designated May 1 as a day for workers.

This was to commemorate the Haymarket Riots in Chicago in 1886. It was when a labour protest rally turned violent after someone threw a bomb at the police.

Though there was no evidence against them, eight radical labour activists were convicted.

Moreover, May 1 in Europe, has historically always been linked with rural traditional farmers’ festivals. Later on May Day it became associated with the modern labour movement.

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