Israel-Palestine conflict explained: Major reasons, issues and what’s next

No One Left But You: Gazan Father to his only surviving child after Israeli Airstrike
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Israel-Palestine conflict: The Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has called an emergency meeting on Sunday to discuss the situation in Jerusalem and Gaza. The decision was taken on the request of Saudi Arabia, reports said.

The foreign ministers of OIC member nations will address the ongoing Israeli attacks in the Palestinian territories. The attacks have intensified since Monday.

Over 100 killed in Gaza

Meanwhile, the ongoing Israeli attacks on Gaza have killed 119 people, the Palestinian Health Ministry said in a statement on Thursday.

27 children and 11 women are among the dead, while a total of 580 people have been injured so far, the ministry said in a statement.

Israel-Palestine conflict explained

Tensions between Israel and the Palestinians in East Jerusalem, Gaza and the West Bank are often high.

Palestinian militant group called Hamas, which has fought against Israel several times, rules Gaza.

Israel and Egypt strictly control Gaza’s borders to prevent weapons from entering Hamas.

Palestinians living in Gaza and the West Bank say they suffer from Israeli actions and restrictions. Israel, on the other hand, says it only acts to protect itself from the Palestinian violence.

The conflict has escalated between the two since mid-April, the holy Muslim month of Ramadan, with clashes between police and Palestinians.

Furthermore, what has added fuel to the fire is the threatened eviction of some Palestinian families in East Jerusalem.

Israel-Palestine conflict: The issues

Israel and the Palestinians cannot agree to various issues such as the fate of Palestinian refugees, Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank, whether Jerusalem should be shared between the two sides, and whether there should be creation of a Palestinian state alongside Israel.

Peace talks have been going on for more than 25 years, but the conflict is yet to be resolved.

What’s next?

It seems, the situation will not get better anytime soon. The United States prepared the most recent plan during the tenure of Donald Trump. Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu had called it “the deal of the century”. However, Palestinians have dismissed it calling it one-sided.

In order to resolve the Israel-Palestine conflict, both sides need to agree on any future peace deal. Until that happens, the conflict will continue.

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