Israel to offer 3rd booster shots of Covid vaccines to all above 60

Union Health ministry addresses vaccine efficacy doubts
Image: Pexel

Israel’s PM on Thursday announced that their country would offer a coronavirus booster to all above 60 who have already been vaccinated.

This makes Israel the first country to offer a third dose of Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine to its citizens. This decision came at a time when there is a rapid rise in Covid-19 infections around the world.

As per an Israeli health provider, the country would soon begin offering a third, booster COVID-19 shot to patients over 60.

Boosters have also been used earlier in some countries with the Chinese and Russian vaccines.

Maccabi is one of Israel’s four publicly funded health maintenance organizations.

It says that its members could already register and the vaccinations would start on Sunday.

This announcement comes after a conference by Prime Minister Naftali Bennett. He is soon expected to unveil a nationwide booster shot program.

Earlier this year, Israel had carried out one of the world’s largest vaccination campaigns for its citizens. Following which they had reopened their economy with much confidence. But as the signs that begin to appear of the vaccine’s waning efficacy over time, Israel is seeing a record spike in cases of the new delta variant of coronavirus.

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