Israeli airstrikes target Syrian army, Damascus: State Media

Israeli airstrikes target Syrian army, Damascus: State Media
Representative Image from Pexel

As per the state news agency Sana, Syria’s air defence system has been activated against an ‘Israeli aggression’ in Damascus.

Israeli planes arrived from Lebanese air space, exploding in Damascus, as per reports. Though the news agency gave no indication of any deaths or damage.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported violent explosions in Damascus and around the city, followed by Israeli strikes on military positions of the Syrian army.

These Israeli airstrikes targeted an area close to Damascus‘s international airport. They also targeted a Syrian air force battalion in the Dumayr region.

These are the first Israeli strikes in Syria since the recent war in Gaza. But the Israeli army rarely acknowledges its strikes in Syria.

Since the war began in Syria in 2011, Israel has carried out hundreds of air strikes on Syrian territory. The country has targeted regime positions and allied Iranian forces and members of Lebanon’s Hezbollah movement.

Israel reiterates that it will not allow Syria to become a stronghold of its sworn enemy Iran.

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