Israel’s President Rivlin warns of civil war between Arabs and Jews

Israel's President Rivlin warns of civil war between Arabs and Jews
Image: Israel PM Rivlin/Twitter

There is a crisis brewing in West Asia. Israel’s President Reuven Rivlin has warned of a civil war between the country’s Arabs and Jews. This comes after shelling exchanges with Palestinian militants in Gaza ignited violence in Israel’s streets.

Though there have been appeals by religious and political leaders for calm.

But all this including police reinforcements and mass-arrests, appeared to have done little to stem riots in several ethnically mixed towns.

There are instances of violent pro-Palestinian protests by members of the Arab minority.

On the other hand, an Israeli air barrage launched on Gaza Monday has already given a big blow to the country’s tranquility.

We are endangered by rockets that are being launched at our citizens and streets, and we are busying ourselves with a senseless civil war among ourselves,” said the president.

Israel has 21 per cent Arab minority which is Palestinian by heritage and Israeli by citizenship.

They are mostly the descendants of Palestinians who lived under Ottoman. Earlier, there was British colonial rule before staying in Israel after the country’s 1948 creation.

Moreover, Hamas welcomes Israel’s domestic chaos. It has urged Arab citizens to rise up against our enemy and yours.

There are allegations against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s conservative government and potential far-right allies of fanning the ethnic tensions.

Netanyahu has also issued a video statement in which he pledged to grant police emergency powers for a crackdown.

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