Justin Trudeau’s Liberals win Canada parliamentary election sans majority

Justin Trudeau's Liberals win Canada parliamentary election sans majority
Image: Justin Trudeau/Twitter

Canadians retained their Liberal PM Justin Trudeau to power on Monday. The victory comes after the hotly contested elections against a conservative leader. Failing to gain an absolute majority after a smooth Covid-19 vaccine rollout.

Post bumpy five-week campaigning, the Canadian PM managed to retain his seat.

After six years in power, managing a pandemic-marred economy and world remained an uphill task for Trudeau.

In the parliamentary elections, the Liberals won the most seats of any party. The 49-year-old Trudeau is a Liberal icon who won his first election in 2015 and has led his party to the top finish in two elections since.


Trudeau thrives on the idea that Canada is now among the most fully vaccinated countries in the world.

And his government spent hundreds of billions of dollars to prop up the economy amid lockdowns.

Canadian PM supports making vaccines mandatory for Canadians to travel by air or rail. But this is what the conservatives oppose.

PM Trudeau’s legacy includes favouring immigration, legalising cannabis nationwide and also brought in a carbon tax to combat climate change.

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