Mice ‘Rain’ in Australia! Internet is Horrified

Mice Rain in Australia! Internet is Horrified
Image Credit: Unsplash

It’s really raining mice in Australia! Indeed, the country is passing by one of numerous most exceedingly awful rat plague recently and a video posted on Tuesday evening appears to call attention to some of the mice ‘coming down’ from the sky.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation writer Lucy Thackray shared the video, which displays mice tumbling to the base inside the Australian territory of New South Wales.

Thackray wrote on Twitter, “Even if grain’s in silos, mice can get to it. Like Tyler Jones discovered in Tullamore when cleaning out the auger and it started raining mice.”

Fox News reported, Aggrieved by the rising plague of mice, farmers within the state of New South Wales (NSW) have now requested for money help from the local authorities to fight what they warned amounted to a ‘natural disaster’.

In current months, an entire pack of 1000’s of mice have been dispensing inside and out obliteration to crops and saved grain in jap Australia. Not exclusively that, some have even made their technique into rural hospitals and spot victims.

People’s reaction on Twitter

“If it wasn’t on video, it would be hard to believe. What a nightmare,” a user wrote, while another commented, ”Horrific, must be frustrating for the farmers since they have been experiencing long drought for years.”

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