Mohd Ali Jinnah’s statue blasted off in Balochistan, BLA claims the destruction

Mohd Ali Jinnah's statue blasted off in Balochistan, BLA claims the destruction
Image: Balochistan Tv Twitter

A statue of Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Pakistan’s founder was blasted in Gwadar of Balochistan province on Monday.

Jinnah’s statue was erected earlier in 2021. It was blown up by an explosive device place beneath the statue. Baloch Liberation Army claimed this blasting of Jinnah’s statue.

According to reports, the militants had entered the masquerading as tourists.
So far there have been no arrests. The police are investigating the matter.

It was a 121-year-old building that the Baloch militants blasted. They also raked the place with gunshots.

This monument was declared a national monument. The building also caught fire after the blast and gunfire.

It also destroyed furniture and memorabilia.

Balochistan is a disturbed area for political and geographical reasons. It has been witnessing a spate of violence for several years now, mostly due to the activities of the Baloch National Army (BLA).

Recently, the BLA had also targeted a motorcade of Chinese engineers at the Gwadar East Bay Expressway project.

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