Myanmar | Here is what all is happening after the military junta coup

Myanmar | Here is what all is happening after the military junta's coup
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Myanmar’s military junta now accuses Aung Sann Suu Kyi of breaking a secret law. Allegations surface against her of breaking official secrets law in Myanmar.
This fresh charge comes amid the mount of several other charges against Suu Kyi.

World countries have condemned the Tatmadaw’s sudden grab of power in this way. Since February 1,2021 Myanmar has been living under military rule. The country is now experiencing stifling of dissent and detention of pro-democracy leaders.

Britain has also ramped up sanctions against the military junta. While the United Nations Security Council has condemned the deaths of hundreds of civilians in Myanmar.

What all is happening in Myanmar?

There has been violence, bloodshed all over by the military junta. Moreover, the clampdown on peaceful protesters and subsequent killing of over 500 people is what worries the world countries.

Meanwhile, the major world powers now aim to destroy the military junta’s business interests- ruby and jade trade.

Suu Kyi, as per reports, appeared via a video link in court in Naypyidaw. She faces a number of vague charges. These could see her barred from political office.

Methods by the military junta to stifle dissent

There is total suppression of communication in Myanmar. These shutdowns and attacks on freedom of expression manifest the brutal stifling methods being deployed by Tatmadaw.

Furthermore, reports say that a group of ousted MPs from Aung Sann Suu Kyi’s NLD have been working underground against the junta. They aim at announcing plans for a new civilian government in Myanmar.

As part of this, the 2008 constitution drafted by the military junta was cancelled. Also, a group of protesters burned copies in Yangon.

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Myanmar is a country with a record of fighting between the military junta and rebel ethnic armies.

There exist several armed ethnic groups in Myanmar. They control territories. Their stronghold is mostly in border regions. They too are voicing their opposition against the coup.

Besides, the military junta is targeting the protesters through air strikes.

Moreover, this gives rise to border conflict and influx of refugess from Myanmar to nearby countries.

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