North Korea just banned its citizens from laughing, shopping and even drinking: Here’s Why

North Korea expresses its readiness to mobilize nuclear forces

North Korea known for bizarre practices has now banned its citizens from laughing, shopping, and drinking from Friday onwards.

This comes as a part of 11-day mourning on the 10th anniversary of former leader Kim Jong-il.

It was Kim Jong-il who had ruled North Korea from 1994 to 2011. He died due to a heart attack at the age of 69 in December 2011.

He was succeeded by his youngest son Kim Jong-un, the present dictator. As per Radio Free Asia, all leisure activities have been banned for the next 11 days. If anyone breaks the rule will be arrested like every year.

“Even if your family member dies during this mourning period, you cannot cry out loud and the body must be taken out after it’s over. People cannot even celebrate their own birthdays if they fall within the mourning period,” Radio Free Asia quoted a resident of North Korea.

This year, the mourning period has been extended to 11 days as this is the 10th death anniversary.

Since his father’s death, Kim Jong Un pays respects at the memorial of his father. He paid respects at a mausoleum where the embalmed body of Kim Jong Il is kept in the state along with that of Kim Il Sung.

North Korea just banned laughing and drinking

The North Korean dictator also convened national meetings honouring his father.

The state-run newspapers published articles venerating Kim Jong Il, calling for greater unity behind Kim Jong Un.

Not only this, the ordinary citizens also offered flowers and paid homage before giant bronze statues of Kim Jong Il and Kim Il Sung.

Kim Jong Un, 37, has secured the same absolute status of power as was enjoyed by Kim Jong Il and Kim Il Sung.

It is worth noting that the small island nation recently witnesses massive economic shocks caused by a coronavirus.

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