North Korean soldiers perform stunts, break bricks and iron rods

North Korea releases video of its soldiers' stunts, breaking bricks and iron rods
Image: BBBC News/ Morning Sentinel Twiitter

North Korea, a popular country in East Asia is always in the news for one or another reason. Recently, the state media of the country aired footage of North Korean soldiers.

The video shows North Korean soldiers displaying their combat prowess. They are smashing and breaking various objects using their bare hands.

It was their soldiers staging a performance at a defence exhibition in Pyongyang. Their performance was being watched by leaders including Kim Jong-un.

They can be seen destroying bricks and tiles. Moreover, the soldiers lying on beds of glass shards and iron nails, with concrete slabs are sledgehammering them to bits onto their bodies.

When it comes to the finale, it showed men bending iron rods with their necks and breaking out of chains.

North Korean soldiers

The North Korean media also said that it was to show the enemies that their soldiers have iron fists.

Furthermore, North Korea is under multiple lists of international sanctions over its nuclear programmes.

Its leader Kim Jong Un has demanded the officials boost North Korea’s living standards.

This comes as the country reels self-imposed border closures and climate change led heatwaves and flash flooding.


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