Omicron variant: Anthony Fauci says no need to panic, favours booster shots

Omicron variant: Anthony Fauci says no need to panic, favours booster shots

US President Joe Biden urged its citizens to not panic over the omicron variant. After his chief medical advisor, Dr Anthony Fauci also emphasised vaccination against novel coronavirus (Covid-19).

This comes as the world again faces the threat of Omicron, a deadlier strain, to bring in more preventive measures to check the surge in cases.

Fauci also said that while the emergence of the new variant is a matter of concern but there is no need to panic as there were more tools at our disposal.

He also stressed that the next move would be made based on more data and research about this new variant.

“The single takeaway that the US president stressed is that this is something we are concerned about but absolutely should not panic about. We have a lot of tools at our disposal and we will act and react according to when the data and the science come in and we will make our appropriate moves according to that,” Fauci said referring to Joe Biden’s address to the US.

He reiterated that full vaccination and boosters are the best protection against coronavirus disease. He especially insisted on the booster doses.

Moreover, Anthony Fauci said that the boosters bolstered the protection offered by the vaccines against any variant of the coronavirus disease.

The president also encouraged people to get vaccinated. Those who are vaccinated have been urged to get their booster shots.

The US government would also accelerate the development and deployment of updated vaccines or boosters for the omicron variant.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (US CDC), the US’s public health agency has recommended a booster for all adults.


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