Pak PM Imran Khan makes a U-turn, defends Biden’s troops withdrawal

Pak PM Imran Khan makes a U-turn, defends Biden's troops withdrawal
Image: Imran Khan twitter

Pak Prime Minister Imran Khan in a U-turn defended US President Joe Biden’s decision of the abrupt troops pullout. The war-ravaged country has been subject to a lot of domestic issues post the troops movement.

Mr Khan insisted that it was a sensible move and Joe Biden is being unfairly criticised for it.

“There was so much unfair criticism of President Biden, and what he did was the most sensible thing to do,” Imran Khan told a Russian news channel on September 17.

Imran Khan’s this U-turn comes a month after he blamed the US for expecting Pakistan to clean up the mess. Since Mr Biden had to face so much opposition post the troops withdrawal.


“Pakistan is just considered only to be useful in the context of somehow settling this mess which has been left behind after 20 years of trying to find a military solution when there was not one,” Pak PM had told reporters in Islamabad in early August before Kabul fell to the Taliban.

Imran Khan himself has been a vocal critic of Joe Biden’s decision to pull troops from Afghan soil.

President Biden had to face a lot of censure from all the corners.

Expressing doubts on US’s future intentions regarding Afghanistan, Mr Khan said he was not sure if the country had a coherent policy on how to deal with a war-ravaged country.

Pak PM also simultaneously called on the US to engage in humanitarian efforts to help refugees.

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