Pakistani TV bans journalist Hamid Mir for criticising Army

Pak tv bans journalist Hamid Mir for criticising Army
Image: Hamid Mir Twitter

Pakistan is known for banning apps and platforms. But it is also known for one more thing and that is its Army.

A Pakistani television station Monday took a well-known journalist off the air for criticising the country’s military. The journalist Hamid Mir has been removed as host of a popular talk show.

Hamid Mir had recently made a fiery speech at a rally in support of a fellow reporter, Asad Ali Toor. He was beaten up by three unidentified men in his apartment in Islamabad.

However, Geo News TV did not comment on the changes regarding its ‘Capital Talk.’ It is a five-day in a week program. Hamid Mir would invite guests to debate current events in Pakistan.

Also, journalists and press freedom advocates often accuse Pakistan’s military and its agencies of stifling the dissent.

Geo News’ this move has drawn swift condemnation by journalists, politicians, and civil society groups. The Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists has asked the TV station to explain whether the step was taken under government pressure.

Moreover, Hamid Mir along with other Pakistani journalists had attended a rally in Islamabad to condemn the attack on Toor.

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