Putin signs law that allows him to rule Russia till 2036

Putin signs law that allows him to rule Russia till 2036
Image: Vladimir Putin/Twitter

Russia’s Vladimir Putin Monday signed a law that could mean he staying in power till 2036. This comes in accordance to a copy of the bill posted on the government’s legal information portal.

As under the previous constitution Putin would have been required to have step down. The 68-year-old has already been in power for more than two decades. His second consecutive term ends in 2024.

Furthermore, the amendments (law) approved by Russians in a nationwide vote allow him to run for two more six-year presidential terms. These amendments were passed by the State Duma in late March.

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Putin will be 83 in 2036. He has already served two consecutive terms as president from 2000 till 2008. Now passing this law makes Putin’s position even stronger.

He then served two terms as prime minister. These amendments manifest a major overhaul of the constitution. Earlier also opposition has accused Putin of abuse of power.

If Putin gets reelected twice, he will get to serve to the end of the second term. This will made him beat Josef Stalin to become the longest-serving leader of Russia since Peter the Great, who was in power for 42 years.

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