Russia intensifies airstrikes on Ukrainian military infra, Lviv- the latest target near Poland border

Russia-Ukraine war: More than 50 lakh people fled war-torn Ukraine since invasion
Volodymyr Zelenskyy Twitter

A belligerent Russia continues striking Ukraine with powerful airstrikes on its military infrastructure.

Calling it a ‘special military operation‘, Moscow has left traces of destruction throughout the last 54 days.

The latest Russian strikes on military infrastructure in Lviv claimed at least six lives.

In another target, four Russian missiles had attacked Ukrainian military infrastructure.

Lviv is situated near Ukraine’s border with Poland. Since Russia began its invasion of Ukraine, this city has become a refuge centre for the displaced war migrants.

Russia has further intensified the attacks in and around the capital Kyiv.

Russia intensifies strikes against Ukraine
Image: Putin/Twitter

Notably, these attacks and intensified bombardments come just after the Ukrainian attacks on Russian troops. It also aims to avenge the sinking of the Moskva warship. (DONT MISS: Fall of Mariupol)

Earlier in March also, Lviv was hit by a series of Russian strikes. Massive bombarding had hit an aircraft repair factory near Lviv’s airport. Even after more than 53 days, the war seems to have no end.

World leaders have been trying their best to make Russia and Ukraine reach table talks. Russia, on the other hand, is leaving no stone unturned to destroy all of what Ukraine has left now.

Moreover, the Russian cruise missiles had also targeted a major military base killing at least 35 people.

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