Singapore is shutting down schools over B.1.617 Covid variant

Scientists identify gene link behind asymptomatic COVID-19
Image: Unsplash

Singapore is now preparing to vaccinate youngsters. As fears grow over the new mutations of Covid-19, particularly the B.1.167 variant.

This particular variant is affecting more children. Singapore would shut all schools. However, there is no official confirmation as to how many children have been affected by the new COVID-19 variant in Singapore.

The decision to shut down schools come after the city-state detected 38 locally transmitted Covid cases.

So far, over one-fifth of Singapore’s population has been vaccinated with two doses of Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna.

Singapore now plans to inoculate people below 45 years of age. Soon after the uptick in COVID-19 cases, the Singapore government has imposed the strictest possible curbs on gathering and other public activities since the lockdown.

B.1.617 variant is one of the primary reasons behind the huge surge in coronavirus infections across India. This has been termed as a global variant of concern by the WHO.

Lab studies are showing that the B.1.617 variant can attach with more strength to the ACE-2 receptors.

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