Taliban aims to outweigh rivals through diplomacy, sends a tough message to US

Taliban aims to outweigh rivals through diplomacy, sends a tough message to US
Image credits: Wikimedia Commons

The Taliban outmanoeuvring the rivals said that the time for attacks in Afghanistan is over now.
It asked the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (Nato) to engage with it through diplomacy.

This statement from the Taliban comes almost a week after Nato chief Jeans Stoltenberg said that the allies need to stay vigilant about the escalating situation in Afghanistan.

He had asked all to be ready to strike and monitor closely any attempts to reconstitute international terrorist groups in Afghanistan.

“The Nato Secretary-General, for a while, may feel his pain and talk about their failures, but they should know that the time for attacks is over,” said Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid.

Outlining the importance of diplomacy, the Taliban officials also said that the group, designated as a terrorist organisation by the US and is now ruling over Afghanistan also.

But it will never allow the country to be used as a centre for proxy wars between the world powers.

The Talibani representative also spoke against the interference by other countries in the internal affairs of their country.

He said that it will not be accepted. “I have to say 100 per cent that we do not want anyone to interfere, including Pakistan.” We are an independent country. We do not accept these interventions. Pakistan is a separate country. We do not want to interfere in their affairs and they cannot interfere (in Afghanistan’s affairs).”

Moreover, a promising deal was reached between Afghanistan and Iran last week on exports of fuel and food as well as rail and border security, among other issues.


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