Taliban to change afghan passports and national identity cards

Taliban brutality tales: Ultras allegedly cut off the head of a member of Afghan junior women's national volleyball team
Image: Wikimedia Commons

The Taliban announced that they will change Afghan passports and national identity cards.

Earlier these were issued by the previous government. And now these documents will be valid for the time being, as per a local media report.

As per sources, it is also possible that Afghan passports and NIDs will have the name ‘Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’ on them.
However, the documents issued by the previous government are still valid as legal documents of Afghanistan.

Since passport and national identity cards departments are still closed in Afghanistan. Hence only those who have conducted their biometrics can get these documents.

Since grabbing the power seat in Kabul, the Taliban have already been affecting changes in the country’s system.

Recently, the Taliban killed four alleged kidnappers in Herat city and hung their bodies up in public to deter others.

As per Sher Ahmad Ammar, the deputy governor of Herat, the men kidnapped a local businessman and his son and wanted to take them out of the city when they were seen by patrols that had set up checkpoints around the city.

All the four men were killed and their bodies were brought to the main square and hung up in the city.

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