US continues its pressure campaign against China, expands blacklist of Chinese firms

US continues its pressure campaign against China as it expands its blacklist of Chinese firms
Image: Screengrab from Joe Biden Twitter

The United States continues its pressure campaign against China. President Joe Biden Thursday expanded a blacklist of Chinese firms that are off-limits to American investors over their links to Beijing’s military-industrial complex.

The former US president Donald Trump had also prohibited Americans from buying stakes in 31 Chinese companies.

As these companies were deemed to be supporting China’s military and security apparatus. Now Biden’s this move expands the blacklist to 59.

This latest sanctions target companies involved in Chinese surveillance technology used to facilitate repression or serious human rights abuses. This in turn undermines the security or democratic values of the US and our allies, as per a White House statement.

US-China spat over coronavirus origin

The US has been quite critical of Beijing’s motives. The expansionist tendencies, snooping and now the origin or coronavirus are some of the grounds on which the US questions China. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ABOUT IT

In the recent past, both the countries have experienced severed ties over these issues. Also, the US along with other countries has been pressurising China for lab leak theory.

As a new research has claimed that the coronavirus disease did not develop naturally. It apparently suggests virus creation in the Chinese lab.

Furthermore, the report talks about reverse-engineering of the virus in order to hide the truth.

Moreover, the previous list published under Trump included major telecoms, construction and technology firms such as China Mobile, China Telecom, video surveillance firm Hikvision, and its Railway Construction Corp.

Basically, the move aims at Beijing, which has affected the ties severely between the two countries.

The Asian giant China on the other hand vowed to protect its companies’ rights. It claims that the blacklist was politically motivated and ignores the facts and actual situation of the firms involved.

The Joe Biden administration seems to keep to a strict line on several issues including defense and technology.

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