WHO team highlights key findings on coronavirus origins

WHO team in Wuhan comes up with key findings on coronavirus origins
Representative Image from Pexels

The World Health Organisation (WHO) team in Wuhan revealed the key findings on coronavirus this Tuesday. The team is on a mission to trace the origins of novel coronavirus in Wuhan city. It was Wuhan only where the first coronavirus cases were discovered.

Since the WHO team has experts from 10 countries, the findings are to be of great significance. The team visited Huanan Seafood Market, the site of an early cluster of cases in late 2019.

However, this visit comes after months of negotiation and dialogue with a reluctant China. It had to agree to it owing to the international pressure.

The team investigating the origin of novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 in Wuhan has come up with two most likely scenarios.

The transmission of coronavirus disease (Covid-19) to the human population could have been due to-

-The initial findings suggest that the introduction through an intermediary host species is the most likely pathway.

-Experts do not see any relation between the virus leak from Wuhan lab and it’s the transmission.

-Key findings suggest that the most likely pathway the virus took was from a bat to another animal. It then would have entered human.

-Moreover, some animals at the Huanan Seafood market were susceptible to virus. While some could be traced to farms or traders having bats that carry closest related virus.

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